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Antonie Bolland Records

Mickey Mouse  In love a little bit.jpg
Mickey Mouse-Riley, George (Bolland, Ant
R-3215819-1425773922-8322.jpeg (1).jpg
Mickey Mouse-Riley, George (Bolland, Ant
In love a little bit-Riley, George (Boll
In the night  Mamma pappa.jpg
In The Night-Riley`s, George Pink Puzzle
Mamma Pappa-Riley`s, George Pink Puzzle
Goodbye Sally goodbye  She`s my baby.jpg
Goodbye Sally Goodbye-Riley, George (Bol
She`s My Baby- Riley, George (Bolland, A
Anthony Bolland- Midnight Lovers (Antoni
Disco Radio Action  Midnightlovers-Antho
12 inch Netherlands R-798983-1416315967-
Midnight Lovers-Bolland, Anthony Disco R
Midnight Lovers-Bolland, Anthony (Bollan
Midnight Lovers-Bolland, Anthony (Bollan
Midnight Lovers-Bolland, Anthony (Bollan
Marianne  Mamma pappa.jpg
Marianne-George Riley (Bol
Mamma Pappa-George Riley (Bol
Do You Know  Do you know sax version .jp
Do You Know-Riley, George (Bolland, Anto
Do You Know (Sax version) Riley, George
Midnight Lovers.jpg
Midnight Lovers-Bolland, Anthony (Bollan
Midnight Lovers (instrumental)-Bolland,
You can have it all  The other side (2).
You Can Have It All-Spike (Bolland, Anto
The Other Side (Instrumental)-Spike (Bol
Mayonaise Polonaise & DS79 Clublied.jpg
Mayonaise Polonaise-Bolland, Ton (text B
DS`79 Clublied-Bolland, Ton m.m.v. het 1
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