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Technical Difficulties Browser Compatibility

Supported Browsers

To make sure that your site and Editor run smoothly, we recommend updating all of your browsers to the most recent versions.

Supported browsers for desktop devices

Click the links below to download the latest versions.

  • Google Chrome 

  • Safari for Mac (version 10 and above)

  • Windows 10 Microsoft Edge (ADI sites are not supported)

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer (version 11)

Supported browsers for mobile devices

  • Google Chrome 

  • Safari

Click here to find out what browser you are using.


  • Wix does not support in-app browsers (for example, when you click a link inside the Facebook app). Click here to learn more.

  • It is not possible to edit your site using touchscreen devices (including mobiles and tablets).

  • Some features, such as video background, may not appear correctly on tablet devices. 

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